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Why choose a fee-only investment advisor?
A fee-only investment advisor is compensated solely by the client. We don’t receive any income from the sale or recommendation of financial products, whether directly (such as kickbacks or commissions) or indirectly (such as lavish trips to luxury resorts in order to learn how to sell products). As a result, you can be confident that we are working for you alone. We are also qualified to make non-commissioned recommendations to skilled professionals with high integrity—from life insurance agents to estate attorneys—simply to ensure our clients get the best advice and service possible.

Who is the best candidate for portfolio management?
Portfolio management is of value to individuals of any income bracket and all types of businesses. It's a common misperception that only the wealthy benefit from portfolio management. Portfolio management is appropriate at any age and is particularly valuable when facing life events such as retirement, divorce, marriage, an inheritance, or the need to create a business, trust, or foundation. If you are married, both spouses should participate in the portfolio management process.

How much does portfolio managment cost?
As fee-only financial advisors, our services are based on a quarterly fee that ranges from 1.0% to 1.4% of your assets under management.

I've heard so much in the news about Madoff and other Ponzi schemes. How do I know my money is safe?
Compass Financial Advisors works directly with Charles Schwab, and all of our client assets are held in protected Schwab accounts. We provide 24/7 access and visibility to your Schwab accounts via our online client portal. If at any time you decide to choose to stop using our services, your assets will be fully accessible through Charles Schwab.

What is a “no-load mutual fund” and how does it help me?
There are many types of mutual funds available. Some funds charge a transaction fee or “load” every time assets are added or withdrawn from an account. At Compass Financial Advisors, we use only those funds that do not charge transaction fees, also referred to as “no-load” funds. This approach minimizes costs to the investor.

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