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Planning for Success

Financial coaching involves a full cycle of individualized management based on your unique financial goals, risk comfort levels, and lifestyle goals. Our goal is to coach you continuously as you move through different life stages and events, each of which may shift your goals and your perspectives on your finances overall. Financial guidance shouldn't be a cookie-cutter process, but rather one that creates a strong, flexible strategy on which to build a life-long plan.

As part of the advising process, we will sit down with you and carefully work through your financial goals, and offer guidance based on those goals, your years to retirement, and your comfort with various levels of risk. We will then identify which assets you would like us to manage and outline your personal strategy.

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management team performs extensive and continuous research developing and structuring its investment programs. These programs are continually monitored, studied, and modified as needed to ensure they meet our clients' investment objectives and performance goals. While an emphasis is placed on developing programs that will achieve high returns and be positioned to take advantage of future markets, our programs involve minimal or lower than normal risk. The preservation of your capital and long-term investment gains are always our primary objective.

Portfolio Styles

Compass Financial Advisors offers a variety of portfolio programs to meet the needs of clients in every stage of life and a variety of risk levels. We will work with you to identify the program(s) that are the best fit for your own financial goals.

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