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Compass Financial Advisors 
Compass Financial Advisors is a full-service investment management firm based in Media, PA. Leveraging our decades of experience in financial services and investment administration, we work with each client individually, providing personalized coaching that takes full advantage of every strength, helps correct weaknesses, and ultimately points every client in the direction of their financial goals.  
We are veteran owned and operated.
Your Trusted Financial Coach
Compass Financial Advisors provides fee-only financial services to individuals and businesses nationwide. As your trusted financial coach, we know that one of the most important keys to success is assessing each individual's strengths and weaknesses. This is just as true in investment management as it is in any field sport. At Compass Financial Advisors, we understand that everyone is different, and we believe in taking the time to understand and leverage your unique attitudes, beliefs, and financial goals to help you build personal wealth in a way that works best for you.  And while every coach is a teacher, success is a two-way street, requiring mutual trust and communication.

At Compass Financial Advisors, we believe in transparency and communication. All of our client assets are held at Charles Schwab, and we provide account access and visibility 24/7 via our online Client Account Lookup as well as quarterly updates and a detailed account analysis of your entire portfolio. We urge you to stay informed, ask questions, and work with us to ensure we're making educated, informed decisions together. From investment advice and portfolio management to 401(k), college, and retirement income planning, Compass Financial Advisors is on your team.  

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